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Vaccination in England: a review of why business as usual is not enough to maintain coverage

Posted on 9 Dec, 2018

Background: The vaccine system in England underwent radical changes in 2013 following the implementation of the Health and Social Care Act. There have since been multi-year decreases in coverage of many vaccines. Health care professionals have reported finding the new …more

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‘Google wants to know your location’: The ethical challenges of fieldwork in the digital age

Posted on 25 Nov, 2018
Baalen, S. van. 2018 Research Ethics 14(4), 1–17. Go to source

Understanding barriers and predictors of maternal immunization: Identifying gaps through an exploratory literature review

Posted on 22 Nov, 2018
Lutz CS, Carr W, Cohn A, Rodriguez L. 2018 Vaccine Volume 36: 7445–7455 Go to source

Vaccine hesitancy – a potential threat to the achievements of vaccination programmes in Africa

Posted on 11 Nov, 2018
Cooper S, et al. 2018 HUMAN VACCINES & IMMUNOTHERAPEUTICS VOL. 14(10):2355–2357 Go to source

Experience and challenges on influenza and pertussis vaccination in pregnant women

Posted on 11 Nov, 2018
SA Madhi, M C Nunes 2018 Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics Vol. 14(9): 2183-2188 DOI: 10.1080/21645515.2018.1483810 Go to source

Perspectives on the Measles, Mumps and Rubella Vaccination among Somali Mothers in Stockholm

Posted on 10 Nov, 2018
A Jama, M Ali , ALindstrand, et al 2018 Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health Vol. 15: 2428. doi:10.3390/ijerph15112428 Go to source

The growing vaccine hesitancy: exploring the influence of the internet

Posted on 5 Nov, 2018
Vrdelja  M. et al. 2018 European Journal of Public Health, Vol 28( 5) :934–939.

  Abstract Background Vaccination coverage is dropping in several countries, including Slovenia. More and more people hesitate or even reject vaccinations. As the influence of the internet grows, the question becomes how to communicate about vaccination to parents in order …more

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Experiences With Medical Exemptions After a Change in Vaccine Exemption Policy in California.

Posted on 30 Oct, 2018
Mohanty S, Buttenheim AM, Joyce CM, et al. 2018 Pediatrics. Vol. 142(5):e20181051 Go to source

Addressing vaccine hesitancy requires an ethically consistent health strategy

Posted on 26 Oct, 2018
L Williamson, H Glaab 2018 BMC Medical Ethics Vol 19:8 Go to source

Vaccine confidence plummets in the Philippines following dengue vaccine scare: why it matters to pandemic preparedness

Posted on 18 Oct, 2018
Larson HJ, Hartigan-Go K, de Figueiredo A. 2018 Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics DOI: 10.1080/21645515.2018.1522468 Go to source

Literature Literature archive

Larson HJ, Schulz WS. 2019 SCIENCE VOL 364 ISSUE 6436
O Baggio, C A Camara and C Prue 2019 Humanitarian Exchange Magazine Number 74, February 2019
R. Wilson, P. Paterson , H. J. Larson 2019 BMC Public Health 19:342

Videos Video archive

Key figures share their perspectives on a controversy that led to the suspension of Ebola vaccine clinical trials in Ghana.

Drs. Heidi Larson and Pauline Paterson of the Vaccine Confidence Project join episode 50 of the Public Health United podcast with Nina Martin, November 2017.

Drs. Larson and Paterson join a discussion on vaccine confidence at Hong Kong University.  September, 2015.

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