Philippines: DOH chief appeals to all Filipinos to change mindset on vaccination

17 Nov, 2018
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MANILA, Nov. 17 — Health Secretary Francisco T. Duque III, during the 19th Philippine National Immunization Conference, stressed to fellow health workers and participants that vaccination has been proven to be the most successful and cost-effective medical intervention ever introduced, saving millions of lives every year and preventing countless illnesses among individuals, families, and communities. He added that vaccines play a key role in national health and development but their broader value today is still highly underestimated.

The Philippine government is committed to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals and a huge step towards the realization of these goals is reducing child mortality and morbidity from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Over the years, vaccination has improved the lives of the people, especially the poor, with the collaborative efforts of diligent health workers, development partners, as well as other government and non-government affiliates. However, in the light of recent controversies hounding the government’s immunization program, Duque appealed to all Filipinos to work together in changing the prevailing mindset to win back vaccine confidence. (DOH)

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