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In addition to grant proposals and publications, we welcome partnerships to help strengthen vaccination campaigns, including content creation, media outreach, policy and intervention advisory work, and capacity-building.

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Mapping sentiments towards vaccines and compliance with health interventions is crucial to anticipate the support needed for post-pandemic recovery. You can support this vital work by making a donation today.

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VCP research staff are funded by grants based at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), University of Antwerp, and other academic partner institutions.

For job opportunities with the VCP at LSHTM, please visit the LSHTM jobs page. For enquires regarding job opportunities at the European Regional Office of the VCP at the University of Antwerp, please contact

The VCP also hosts a vibrant group of PhD students working on vaccine confidence. The VCP does not handle PhD applications directly. To apply to study in an area of interest please follow the LSHTM application process.

Please contact us if you are currently studying at the LSHTM and are interested in an internship or looking for a topic or supervisor for your summer project related to vaccine confidence.