Vaccine Confidence Index Map

In 2015, we introduced the Vaccine Confidence Index™ (VCI), a tool for gaining data-led insights into vaccine confidence at global, regional, and national levels.

The VCI uses a standardised methodology and questions to examine individuals’ overall perceptions of the importance, safety, effectiveness and compatibility of vaccines with people’s beliefs.

In addition to measuring overall trust in vaccines, the VCI provides guidance on where to prioritise confidence building.

By measuring populations’ confidence in vaccines against a range of sociodemographic variables, the VCI provides uniquely rich data-sets that can inform research, program planning, communication and decision-making.

Map data and methodology

This interactive map displays VCI data collected in over 140 countries over six years, and can be filtered by socio-demographic variables including gender, age and region.

The map was created by using weighted percentage values from multiple data collection studies, and indicates the percentage of respondents who agree with the four statements on vaccine importance, safety, effectiveness and compatibility with beliefs (encompassing both “tend to agree” and “strongly agree” responses).

Where we have performed multiple data collections in a given country in a given year, we have either chosen one data set to display, or calculated a simple average to provide an overall benchmark.

Data sources and methodology


The VCI was launched in 2015 when, as part of their efforts to map vaccine confidence globally, the team used the battery of questions to survey levels of vaccine confidence in five countries (UK, Georgia, India, Nigeria and Pakistan).


In 2015, the VCP implemented a 67-country survey featuring the VCI questions, finding wide variability in vaccine confidence across world regions. This was summarized in a report ‘The State of Vaccine Confidence 2016.’


The team first used the VCI to assess the state of vaccine confidence in the EU and the UK. The battery of VCI questions were also included on the Wellcome Global Monitor, generating vaccine confidence benchmarks in over 140 countries.


The VCP published a global study comparing VCI data collected since 2015 across 149 countries. VCI questions were also fielded in the second “State of Vaccine Confidence in the EU” study.


In 2022, the VCP is continuing to build out this baseline measure with national and sub-national vaccine confidence surveys in Africa, the European Union, the US, UK, and Asia-Pacific.

World VCI map

% of respondents who somewhat or strongly agree:
30% 65% 100%

No data was collected for the selected Year and Question.

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