Zhengdong Wu


Computer Science Engineer


Zhengdong Wu, is an MPhil student at The University of Hong Kong (HKU) and an AI programmer at the Laboratory of Data Discovery for Health (D24H), supervised by Prof. Joseph Wu, Dr. Kathy Leung, and Dr. Leesa Lin. His current research and projects emphasize the development of AI-driven digital health tools, including chatbot, fact-checking browser extension, and data visualization dashboard. These tools aim to mitigate vaccine hesitancy, counteract vaccine-related misinformation, and track and predict vaccine hesitancy trends.

Previously, his research focused on clinical AI applications, leveraging statistical, machine learning, and causal inference methods to construct clinical predictive models and investigate the effects of independent risk factors on clinical outcomes. He is particularly interested in machine learning, deep learning, data mining and causal inference with their applications in healthcare.