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Harnessing innovation in public health

Heidi Larson | 17 Sep, 2017

 Heidi J. Larson and Neisha Sundaram

The second Raffles Dialogue, hosted by the National University of Singapore schools of medicine, public health and public policy along with the National University Health System (NUHS), focused on “The Critical Role of Innovation” in the context of the broader theme of “Human Well-being and Security in 2030”.

It was attended by more than 100 global health experts and international participants.

In his opening address looking forward to 2030, Professor John Wong, chief executive of NUHS, urged the audience to consider Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection, published in the mid-1800s, which emphasised that neither intelligence nor physical strength was the critical factor for survival.

 Instead, the key to survival is the ability to adapt to change. More than 200 years later, this need to adapt is more pressing than ever.

The dialogue explored innovations in health, information and big data, financing and global governance. In the face of fast-paced change, how will all this innovation weave together? How can societies ensure that the innovations are harnessed for positive disruptions, and not negative ones? How can these innovations help to advance equity, rather than drive inequities, with some benefiting more than others?  read more ...

From the Center for Vaccine Ethics & Policy
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