Info Session on EU Flu Day

This information session hosted by the Steering Group on Influenza Vaccination will aim to introduce the EU Flu Day project and this year’s campaign toolkit, in view of the EU Flu Day 2023 coming up in October.

The session will occur on 7th June at 11:30am – 12:00pm and will be hosted by the Secretariat of the Steering Group.

Please register by clicking this link. Once registered, the Secretariat will follow up by sharing the link to the Zoom webinar with you. 

About the EU Flu Day project:

  • EU Flu Day is an annual awareness-raising campaign about the impact of seasonal influenza and the importance of protecting populations, in particular vulnerable groups, from the disease. As you know, this is ever more important with the parallel threats of COVID-19 variants and other respiratory diseases such as RSV.
  • The campaign takes place in October each year and is run by a multi-stakeholder coalition called the Steering Group on Influenza Vaccination, of which our organisation is a member.
  • Each year, a widespread social media campaign is held (see hashtag #EUFluDay on Twitter), as well as an event.

This year’s focus:

  • This year, the focus will be on HCP empowerment, with the aim of ensuring that all doctors, nurses and pharmacists have the tools and awareness they need to not only administer but also communicate about seasonal influenza vaccines and immunisation, to their patients as well as their peers.
    • This is essential, as people are 14 times more likely to get vaccinated if HCPs recommend it. 
    • HCPs’ vaccination is critical not only in the fight against influenza – to protect themselves and the people they interact with – but also for the sustainability of healthcare systems, as a healthy workforce saves important resources that could be used elsewhere.
  • Additionally, we want to have a stronger Member State focus this year and will be working closely with the Steering Group and you as a national partner to ensure that the campaign is replicated at the national and local levels. 

EU Flu Day campaign Toolkit:

  • Every year the Steering Group presents a set of materials to support the campaign around the EU Flu Day event. The toolkit includes ready-to-use tweets, visuals, email signatures, Zoom backgrounds and more.
  • We invite your organization to use the #EUFluDay social media toolkit in your channels to help raise awareness in your country and beyond! Use the hashtag #EUFluDay on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, to post thoughts on the EU Flu Day to support flu vaccination and immunisation.  
  • Additionally, for those interested, we will provide some ideas on how to organise an event in your own country, and/or engage with policymakers on the topic.

For more information, please contact the Secretariat of the Steering Group (by email:, by phone: +32473904519).