No time for complacency on COVID-19 in Europe

This article questions the current high level of political and societal complacency towards COVID-19 in Europe and argues that much more strategic attention and investments are needed now to more effectively manage COVID-19.

Info Session on EU Flu Day

This information session hosted by the Steering Group on Influenza Vaccination will aim to introduce the EU Flu Day project and this year’s campaign toolkit, in view of the EU Flu Day 2023 coming up in October.

State of Vaccine Confidence in the EU

In 2018, the European Commission engaged the Vaccine Confidence Project to create the first “State of Vaccine Confidence in the EU” report. Since then, the VCP has conducted bi-annual research to map and monitor public attitudes to vaccines across the region and examine trends over time.


In this VACCELERATE webinar, Heidi Larson will present the key findings of the State of Vaccine Confidence in the EU report, 2022.

Building Confidence in Routine Immunisation

The UNICEF Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (UNICEF ECARO) and the VCP worked in partnership to better understand the impact of social media on caregivers’ attitudes, beliefs, trust, immunisation intention and uptake.

IRIS Academic Research Group

The IRIS Academic Research Group was founded by some of the world’s leading researchers and academic institutions and launched in June 2021 at the inaugural Global Vaccine Confidence Summit as part of the UK government’s G7 Presidency.

New study: Most Europeans Trust Vaccines

A new report on the level of public confidence in vaccines among Europeans shows a strong majority believe vaccines are important, effective and safe.