Improving COVID-19 vaccine confidence among healthcare professionals in Europe in Partnership with AstraZeneca and Team Halo


The Vaccine Confidence Project and its partners aimed to improve COVID-19 vaccine confidence among healthcare professionals (HCP) in Europe by organizing interactive webinars to facilitate two-way communication with HCPs.

Additionally, together with Team Halo, we aimed to improve social media peer-to-peer engagement and communication among HCPs by offering insights on how HCPs can become more involved in vaccination communication on social media in France and Germany.

To achieve that, we carried out two different kinds of online webinars; pan-European webinars, and local webinars in four different European countries – Romania, Croatia, Germany and France.


The first pan-European webinar informed and shaped the subsequent series of webinars of local webinars and agreed on the scope, content and target audience. The second European webinar aimed to share the results and best practices to increase confidence among HCPs in COVID-19 vaccine, and how to address vaccine hesitant patients with HCP association and immunization managers across Europe.

Building healthcare professionals’ confidence in COVID-19 vaccination in Europe: Lessons learnt

All webinars were conducted in local languages and had a duration of 90 mins. They targeted HCPs who had an active role in vaccination, relevant policymakers and stakeholders. The webinars were co-organised with a local chair. These chairs helped identify relevant speakers, key issues and content to address and disseminate the webinar to local audiences.

Acknowledging the essential role of peer-to-peer engagement in communication, we worked with Team Halo guides in two local webinars (France and Germany) as key moderators and/or speakers to lead a 40-min session on the role of social media. Team Halo guides – doctors and scientists who volunteer their time to use their personal networks on social media to engage the public and answer key questions to increase vaccine confidence – worked with the VCP team to share their experiences of working with Team Halo and the real conversations they have with the public about vaccination.

All the webinars are available to view on our YouTube Channel.